PGBS Offering: What Do We Solve & How

Global Problem

Globally Small And Mid-Sized Companies Are Facing Cutthroat Competition, Recurring Losses And Drop In Market Share Leading To Bankruptcies & Shut Downs. Due to volatile economy, changing regulations, political instability, etc. industrial sectors are facing uncertainty in business outlook.


Valid Reasons

  • Rapidly Changing Customer Expectations & Behavior.
  • Rapidly Saturating Domestic & Global Markets
  • Inabilities To Constantly Catching Up With Customer Satisfaction
  • Unlike For Large Cap Companies, Available Treatment Is Un-affordable For Small & Mid-Sized Organisations
  • Lack An Expert Ally Who Borne Accountability For Maximizing Profit, Market Share And Rapid Growth.

Pursullence Approach

  • Globally, Mid-Sized Companies Delivers With Business Efficiency Of As Low As 5-8% And Customer Satisfaction Level As Low As 2-3%.
  • More Than Just Consultancy Services, Mid-Sized Companies Need Extended Hand Holding With ‘Execution’.
  • Pursullence Enhances Business Efficiency And Customer Experiences By Executing Proven Business Excellence & Transformational Strategies Deployed By Global Conglomerates.
  • Pursullence’s Patent-Pending technology in business analytics helps industries to reduce operational cost which eventually leads to profit maximization.
  • On top of that; as Pursullence believes in taking complete accountability of the results delivery; PGBS offers “No Fee if No Monitory Benefits – Zero Risk” billing model.

Pursullence Solutions

Pursullence Global Business Solutions (PGBS) LLP Is In The Business Of Providing Blended Services Of Consultancy, Execution, And Business Analytics. We Provide Patent-Pending Business Analytics Technology Solution Supported By Execution Of Globally Renowned Business Excellence And Transformation Strategic Frameworks To Enhance Business Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction Of Global Clients Leading To Maximizing Roi And Market Share.

Globally, Most Of The Companies Are Still Utilizing Lean- Six Sigma As Continuous Improvement Strategies; Global Players Started Using Advanced Business Excellence And High Performance Transformational Strategic Frameworks. Global Renowned Consultants Are Performing A Level Up By Adding Advanced Analytics Based On Historical Performances. PGBS Introduces Pursullence’ Predictive Analytics Based On Historical, Current & Live Performances Under Forecasted Factorial Performance Models At Optimized Range. With All This, PGBS Commits To 5-10% Operational Cost Reduction.

Pursullence | What Do We Solve & How
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