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In a major boost to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Government of India has received investment proposals of over US$ 3.05 billion till end of August 2015 from various companies. India’s manufacturing sector could touch US$ 1 trillion by 2025. There is potential for the sector to account for 25-30 per cent of the country’s GDP and create up to 90 million domestic jobs by 2025. The Government of India has taken several initiatives to promote a healthy environment for the growth of manufacturing sector in the country.

                                                       MSME EMPOWERMENT


“Make India Competitive By Empowering Indian SMEs And Generating Employability Across Indian Youth”.

” To build 10,000 cost reduction specialist(lean experts, six sigma black belts, business excellence agents) and associate 3-4 each to 3000 SMEs by 2020 and deploy cost saving program named “MAS-Trans™” and thus help save 8-10% of business cost each year.”


  • To deploy cost reduction program on mega scale across SMEs and thus enhance their competiveness and profitability at “no” upfront cost across 3000+ SMEs by 2020.
  • To train & develop and equip 10,000 Indian graduates with business excellence and continuous improvement tools, techniques at “free of cost” and associate them with SMEs to deploy cost reduction program named “MAS-Trans™” and help build their employability by 2020.

Let’s take a look at some of the industry challenges:


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