Healthcare Communication Analysis


Successfully conducted Healthcare camp, Mahaarogya shibir on 21st Jan 2018 in the Taluka of Maval.. The chief objective of the Camp was to provide the medical facilities to each and every single individual out there across the region. 1,00,000 people from the 194 villages across 20 public health centers are being served under medical health checkup and free operatives in 23 critical medical fraternities like cardiovascular, nephrology, CNS, orthopedics, pediatrics, dental, gynecology, ophthalmology etc under the guidance of renowned doctors with national and international fame.


Control over any process comes when every single detail in the process is transformed into measurable and controllable metrics. This monitoring system provides a robust control over the communication of current status of the post Camp activities needed to accomplish the motive of the Camp.

This monitoring system provides a promising response to one of the most complex task of controlling the post Camp activities.


Time wise analysis provides a snapshot of the progress of post Camp activities on every single step. It displays the status of every step of this process. It provides a ocular interface to the person who is monitoring the Camp activities.


This status card ensures that each patient goes through every step so that this motive of providing medical aid to every individual goes smoothly. The status bar depict the steps which are completed for each patient and gives us the visual interface about which step next is to be completed


This system provides the performance of each step verses metrics which measure the performance of the step. Indication of red color in status bar depicts that the step is not performing up to the mark.


Since this covered a large geographical area, it is difficult to control the post Camp activities without any monitoring system. This village performance status board provides an ocular interface of village, steps and metrics associated with the performance of steps. It provides a 3-Dimensional comparative interface between the villages across the Taluka.

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