Healthcare has become one of the fastest growing sectors in India – both in terms of revenue and employment. The entire segment comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. The total industry size is expected to touch US$280 billion by 2020.The cost of medical care is increasing at an alarming rate; most of these cost increases are attributed to an aging population and technological advances; therefore, largely beyond control. Furthermore, health care cost increases are caused by unnecessary operational inefficiency associated with the direct medical service delivery process.

To transform these circumstances, some action is essential to cap this cavity between demand for healthcare services and actual availability of these facilities in minimal cost in rural areas. This also gives birth to a very important social cause of providing a helping hand towards those people who strive to come out of this situation thus taking a big step intending to create a healthy province.

Six Sigma and Lean Thinking are quality initiatives initially deployed in industry to improve operational efficiency leading to better quality and subsequent cost savings. The financial rationale for embarking on this quality journey is clear; applying this in today’s healthcare system remains challenging

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