We have a very flexible and customizable pricing structure in place. Based on prospect’s/customer’s needs, we can design the pricing. We have 2 core offerings and 6 diff. OOTB offerings. The pricing for ’em vary based on what is needed.
Please reach out to us at contactus@pursullence.com or visit www.pursullence.com to discuss your needs and pricing.

We respect the business confidentiality and so devoid asking for confidential or classified information like revenue details or PnL from our clients . For our business Health diagnostics, we may ask for cost performances (in %), day to day account level performances across key performance indicators. We may also need time slots across levels to understand Voice of business (VOB), i.e. Businesses performances and key concerning areas and at bottom level management; we would need extensive brainstorming sessions with supervisors, SMEs, and with employees to understand actual process performances/bottlenecks. Even though we will not ask for classified information, It is binding on PBS to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our client.

At Pursullence™, our mission is to be an affordable expert ally who deliver results by taking accountability for execution of business excellence and transformation strategies to maximize profit & market share. We are the first global consultants who provide exclusive services of Consultancy and extensive Hand holding (Execution) together for our clients at affordable prices for extensive period of as long as 18-20 months. After assessing market conditions, we found,
a. There is no Expert Ally available Who Borne Accountability For Maximizing Profit, Market Share And Rapid Growth.
b. No Expert Ally available who can provide ‘consexecution’ (consultancy+ EXECUTION) services.
c. No Affordable Expert Ally available who provide actual Hand holding services for extensive period.
d. Renown Consultant globally provide ONLY consultancy services ONLY to large sized organicationand ONLY for shorter time span.
e. Renwon Consultant globally don’t borne accountability for results and ALSO charged heavily which Global mid sized organisations may not afford.

For sake of Analogy, There are people who prefer 5 Star and 7 Star hotels. And there are people who demand for cost effective yet high value adding solutions. They are ready to bear affordable prices but demand best services. 4 Star Hotels fulfill their demand of affordable prices with best value adding service provider.

For further details, please peruse through our competitive matrix below…………..

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PBS deploys unique range of business solutions with unique mode of deployment under B2B and B2G proposition. PBS Business solutions can be applicable to any industry, any sector and/or Government Departments in any country. Following are Few Key Differentiators:
a. Monetary Accountability for Result Delivery with 18-20 Months Of Association for Diagnosis, Transformation and Growth.
b. Establishment Of ‘Designed To Business’ (DTB) Analytics System
c. Deployment Of 3 Directional Business Transformation Across Sourcing Partners And Key Clients
d. Deployment Of Globally Renown Advanced Business Optimization, customized process reengineering and streamlining mechanism. Ex: MLLM, PBMS, OCM, I-Cube, Lean, Six Sigma, BOFD, DE2S, Snellire etc.
e. Extensive 3 Months Organizational Level Penetration of Business Health Diagnosis across Business, Vertical, Delivery, Operations, Account & People Levels.
f. Trial Version Of 2 month’s deployment of “Snellire™” a consulting product inclusive of area prioritization, lever identification, GAP analysis, Client team enablement, Performance streamlining, PMO establishment and Value optimization.
g. Customized products with unique proposition for assessing sourcing partners performance and insourcing reengineering.

Yes, Based on our experiences of 5 phased deployments of our frameworks that includes Business Health diagnosis, Execution of Advanced business Excellence technologies, Performance governance system,3 directional business transformation and designed to business analytics, we achieves > 10 % profit maximization over current bottom line.

We believe we achieve profit maximization. For sake of client security, as per the clause in the agreement PBS signing with clients, If PBS is unable to achieve assured benefits, PBS will bear all cost and will not charge any ‘Consexecution’ fee to the client for its association of 18-20 months.

No, Pursullence is Business Excellence & Transformational Consultant focusing on enhancing business efficiency and Customer Experiences based on globally renown Business Excellence & Transformational Technologies and Advanced Analytics. Across PBS business solutions, Pursullence is not E-Commerce Online Service provider.

Yes, During association of stipulated time span, PBS resources will be dedicated to the given client and will deploy onsite or offsite based on framework deployment needs.

Yes, We provide various business solutions. Training and coaching is one of the  customized services PBS offers. For further details please visit Business Solutions page at http://www.pursullence.com/bussiness-solutions/

Our Business solutions includes 8 different offerings for different business needs,2 customized services and 1 combination business solutions. For further details Please visit our Business solutions page at http://www.pursullence.com/bussiness-solutions/

Based on the consent of Sr Management, PBS will form a matrix team structure that includes PBS Specialists Team and Clients Team. This team will have matrix reporting structure to Client Program Owner and PBS Program Owner. This will smoothen the process of transition to client team once PBS finish the assignment successfully, after stipulated  program duration.

This service is for Global Players where PBS will provide combination of 3 Business solutions including  de-LIVE-r/Snellire + Insourcing Re-Engineering + @Vantage. The synergy created by the combination solutions will lead to maximize profit line by staggering 30-35%. For further details Please peruse through below details…….

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Yes, Extensive 20 months detailed framework or road map is shared at………

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Yes, This is one of the unique offering of Pursullence for its clients. Pursullence understand the importance of stakeholder relations for our clients. Under AGRA/de-LIVE-r, based on consent with client, PBS provides Business Excellence & Transformational Services to key client customers on the behalf of our client. PBS also has the provision to provide separate exclusive consultancy services to client’s customers under business solution named StraAlly, Strategic-Ally. We believe these services are trump-card for our client in enhancing  customer bonding for our clients and help achieve competitive edge in today’s volatile market.


PBS: Pursullence Business Solutions
AGRA: Assessment+Governance+Replication+Analytics
de-LIVE-r: Diagnose+ Execute+LI: Look and Investigate+ VE: Verify+ r: Replication & Analytics
Snellire: Performance Streamline
@Vantage: At vantage (Strategic position with competitive edge.
StrAlly: Strategic Alliance
PAL: Performance Augmenting Lens

For Any Further Queries Please visit us at http://www.pursullence.com/connect-with-us/contact-us-2/

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