Pursullence will support ‘Glocal’ service industry by delivering @Vantage™ that  support in surveillance and governance mechanism with 4 component Sourcing Partner Performance Assessment Framework.

@vantage is flagship service framework of Pursullence that understand the need of Global Companies desire of receiving higher cost effective performances from the outsourcing vendor partner. Outsourced expenditure for Global Service Players are as staggering high as 12-15% in the areas of IT Management, Back Office management, Client Service Desk Management knowledge services, etc. Due to high demand on delivering cost effective services to their client, there is growing need of achieving higher value from vendors by searching adequate opportunities to reduce Outsourced cost with better vendor performance management. Available services / products are unable to reach expected efficiency on continual bases.

Pursullence understand this growing need and believe in providing cost effective value adding business efficiency monitoring and enhancing assessment framework. @Vantage support  global players in assessing and governing performances of vendor partners with the help of   4 component Sourcing Partner Performance Assessment Framework (SPPAF). 4 components of @Vantage revolves around

  1. Scientifically Tolerencing SLA Base lining
  2. Snellire Deployment
  3. Migration Efficiency Maximisation Program.
  4. Performance Risk Governance Program across phases of migration, operations, staff augmentations, location.

In the form of Pursullence, global players see a value added opportunity to continuously monitor Vendor Performance and assist improve their performance beyond the expectations.

@Vantage will enhance possibility of outsourcing cost optimization for global players that further extend into cost effective appropriate & timely service delivery to consumers lead to competitive edge in to volatile market.

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@Vantage™ - Pursullence
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