StrAlly provides Business Excellence and Transformational consultancy services to the clients on the behalf of mid-sized companies.

StrAlly is a strategic fit for Global IT companies. Recent studies suggest that approximately 96% & 99.5 IT/ITES companies In India have not crossed $ 1Bn and $ 4 Bn Revenue respectively. There is thick line drawn between large IT/ITES companies and mid-sized players. >50-60% Total Revenue generated by Indian IT sector  is shared by top 25 companies, which is merely 1% of the total no. of IT/ITES companies in India.  There are not more than 29% companies who have crossed the magic figure of $100 Mn. This is alarming situation. Challenges in front of Mid-sized IT companies are gradually incremented after 2008’s, global recession. Client Expectations are touching sky heights and to make the game worse, competition is getting stiffer and IT industry is heading towards saturation, this is the perfect time where every midsized IT company should ask themselves 1 question-


Answer is already given by big Indian IT Players, by initiated giving consultancy solutions to their respective clients beyond serving their IT needs. This is making big players fatter and mid-sized players weaker.

Pursullence understood this situation and established a service framework named StrAlly.

StrAlly, a strategic Ally, provides Business Excellence and Transformational consultancy services to the clients of mid-sized IT/ITES companies on their behalves.

StrAlly is a customized service products developed for B2B businesses like IT sector. With StrAlly, Pursullence provides strategic alliance to service providers/vendors to establish their relations with either sides- customers or own vendors.

Goal of StrAlly is to serve our clients to enhance their business bonding with current and future potential clients and augment their business canvas and assist in maximizing market share and profits.

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StrAlly™ - Pursullence
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