Start-Up PAL™

A Performance augmenting Lens (PAL) for Global Start Ups for enhancing Business efficiency and Customer Services by establishing BE & Performance Governance System for rapid scalability & Growth.

Start-Up PAL is in the same league of VCaPal. Start Up PAL  is a service product that focuses on the need of domestic and global Start Ups by understanding their pivotal need of transforming  into leading Start Ups eligible to move up   investment value chain and also enhanced possibility of achieving valuation >10X.

Scalability is the prime concern for most of the matured Start Ups that are standing at/ > B series of Investments. According to key players in VC community globally, the real Impediment for scalability is lack of experiences in handling businesses with higher Business Efficiency and customer Experiences.

We at Pursullence understand this need of growing Start Up Ecosystem across Globe and believe in providing strategic alliance to growing Start Ups across Globe in continually enhancing Business Efficiency and Customer Services by deploying Service framework named Start Up Pal.

PAL is abbreviation for Performance Augmenting Lens (PAL).Under Start Up PAL framework, Pursullence will establish effective Business Excellence framework that results in to continually Improving Business Efficiency and Customer experience. This includes deploying Globally proven Business Excellence (BE) and Business Transformational (BT) Technologies, establishing Performance & Risk Governance System based on advanced analytics developed around identifying high performance indicators, establishing Red Account Management with business capability and performance stability enhancements across key levers, establishing PMO Governance and Start Up Team Enablement on BE & BT.

This will turn Start Up Businesses in to highly efficient proposition resulting in improved scalability and Assured probability of moving up investments value chain.

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Start-Up PAL™ - Pursullence
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