eXcellior Support Mid Cap Companies Establishes Business Excellence (BE) Division.  Pursullence Provides Hand-holding In Developing, Executing And Governing BE Activities.

Due to lack of affordable Expert who can provide hand holding and help establish High Performance and High Efficiency Culture for mid-sized organization across globe, Pursullence brought in solution for this critical situation namely ‘eXcellior’.

Based on recent study done for one of the leading global economy, it is observed that over last 15 years they have transformed their economy from low cost low quality producer to high quality high end producer and started re-establishing their global brand. Study reveals a secret behind their transformation. After global brand destruction as Low Quality manufacturer, Government of this country developed an industrial policy across industries (2004). As per the policy- Every second employee of the organization irrespective of its size should get trained and expertise into Business efficiency improvement technologies so that they can either individually or in group can efficiently deploy these skillsets and establish the culture of ‘INCESSANT IMPROVEMENT’.

Over last decade, more than 50 % companies (i.e. > 10 Mn companies) across the country  irrespective of its size, have more than 50 % employees got trained and expertised in to business efficiency maximizing techniques and have delivered high performance and high efficiency programs successfully. This started gradually transforming their economy and nurtured their brand from low Quality to High Quality low cost producers.

Pursullence see this GAP and understand the future challenges for these economies and their industries, especially challenge of global competition at domestic and global level.

eXcellior is a service framework that aims at providing hand holding to mid-sized Organisations in establishing High Efficiency divisions. Under which, Pursullence will guide in training and development of clients team on renowned Business excellence techniques, Execute and mentor continuous improvement projects, establish PMO and client team enablement and thus penetrate culture of Business Excellence and High Efficiency across layers of the organization for the stipulated time.

This will reflect into establishing highly efficient Business Houses that can effectively compete, survive and win imminent global competition.

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eXcellior™ - Pursullence
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