de-LIVEr-r™ resonates AGRA with its 5 Phased Framework. It is a global version that understands global businesses needs for specific countries and global scenarios to delivers global solutions. Other than 5 Phased frameworks, de-LIVE-r also focuses on need for Insourcing Re-engineering.

Recent Studies suggests that cost of outsourcing activities is higher than in-house deployment. This is because even though the cost of labors and overheads are relatively less, however the risks associated with frequent delays in the outsourced tasks delivery and task quality is higher that led to relatively higher costs. Global Players started understanding this micro analysis and needed strategic partner who can assist in prioritizing tasks to be outsourced and tasks need to be done in house.

Pursullence understands this need and brought in unique service named ‘Insourcing Reengineering’.

Under Insourcing Reengineering, Pursullence will follow rigorous performance diagnostics for Outsourced activities. Based on Activity Value Analysis (AVA) will prioritize tasks to be done in house with its proportional risks based on advanced analytics. Based on Business transformational technologies, performance streamlining techniques and advanced analytics, Pursullence will further transform these tasks in to cost effective propositions. Pursullence will further assist in deploying pilot projects for insourced processes, assess further Performance GAPs, assist in developing solutions and finally assess the financial impact of insourcing reengineering program.

Thus de-LIVE-r works around 6 steps:

  1. Current Business Health Diagnostics (NON Outsourced Businesses.)
  2. Business Excellence Architecture & Execution. (NON Outsourced Businesses.)
  3. Business Performance Governance (NON Outsourced Businesses.)
  4. 3D Business Transformation (NON Outsourced Businesses.)
  5. Designed To Analytics (NON Outsourced Businesses.)
  6. Insourcing Reengineering (Outsourced Businesses.)

Based on offering  Combo Services of  de-LIVE-r (AGRA version) + Insourcing Reengineering + @Vantage, Pursullence provide new horizons to the global players for exponentially enhancing business efficiency and customer experiences leading to higher market share, rapid global penetration and profit maximization.

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de-LIVE-r™ - Pursullence
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